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You and I will look about us in the meantime

 For I don’t know why you ever came here; though
it’s not such an unusual case, I am sorry to say, that we need go any
farther into that. You don’t know that the ship in which you came over
with our friend General Fladdock, is in port, of course?’
‘Indeed!’ said Martin.
‘Yes. And is advertised to sail to–morrow.’
This was tempting news, but tantalising too; for Martin knew that his
getting any employment on board a ship of that class was hopeless. The
money in his pocket would not pay one–fourth of the sum he had
already borrowed, and if it had been enough for their passage–money,
he could hardly have resolved to spend it. He explained this to Mr
Bevan, and stated what their project was. Cheap Roshe Run Mens


‘Why, that’s as wild as Eden every bit,’ returned his friend. ‘You must
take your passage like a Christian; at least, as like a Christian as a
fore–cabin passenger can; and owe me a few more dollars than you intend.
If Mark will go down to the ship and see what passengers there
are, and finds that you can go in her without being actually suffocated,
my advice is, go! You and I will look about us in the meantime (we won’t
call at the Norris’s unless you like), and we will all three dine together in
the afternoon.’ Cheap Roshe Run Womens


Martin had nothing to express but gratitude, and so it was arranged.
But he went out of the room after Mark, and advised him to take their
passage in the Screw, though they lay upon the bare deck; which Mr
Tapley, who needed no entreaty on the subject readily promised to do.
When he and Martin met again, and were alone, he was in high spirits,
and evidently had something to communicate, in which he gloried very
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