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Why to be sure,’ said Mark: ‘he can only say no

‘I thought of him when you was ill,’ said Mark.
‘But for the time that would be lost, I would even write to my grandfather,’
Martin went on to say, ‘and implore him for money to free us
from this trap into which we were so cruelly decoyed. Shall I try Mr
Bevan first?’
‘He’s a very pleasant sort of a gentleman,’ said Mark. ‘I think so.’
‘The few goods we brought here, and in which we spent our money,
would produce something if sold,’ resumed Martin; ‘and whatever they
realise shall be paid him instantly. But they can’t be sold here.’
‘There’s nobody but corpses to buy ’em,’ said Mr Tapley, shaking his
head with a rueful air, ‘and pigs.’
‘Shall I tell him so, and only ask him for money enough to enable us by
the cheapest means to reach New York, or any port from which we may
hope to get a passage home, by serving in any capacity? Explaining to
him at the same time how I am connected, and that I will endeavour to
repay him, even through my grandfather, immediately on our arrival in
England?’ Sunburst Tall Sand


‘Why to be sure,’ said Mark: ‘he can only say no, and he may say yes.
If you don’t mind trying him, sir —’
‘Mind!’ exclaimed Martin. ‘I am to blame for coming here, and I would
do anything to get away. I grieve to think of the past. If I had taken your
opinion sooner, Mark, we never should have been here, I am certain.’ Cheap Tassel Short Boots


Mr Tapley was very much surprised at this admission, but protested,
with great vehemence, that they would have been there all the same; and
that he had set his heart upon coming to Eden, from the first word he
had ever heard of it.
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