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They had some medicine in their chest

 Mark’s friend pronounced
his disease an aggravated kind of fever, accompanied with
ague; which was very common in those parts, and which he predicted
would be worse to–morrow, and for many more to–morrows. He had
had it himself off and on, he said, for a couple of years or so; but he was
thankful that, while so many he had known had died about him, he had
escaped with life. Bailey Button chestnut


‘And with not too much of that,’ thought Mark, surveying his emaciated
form. ‘Eden for ever!’
They had some medicine in their chest; and this man of sad experience
showed Mark how and when to administer it, and how he could best alleviate
the sufferings of Martin. His attentions did not stop there; for he
was backwards and forwards constantly, and rendered Mark good service
in all his brisk attempts to make their situation more endurable.
Hope or comfort for the future he could not bestow. The season was a
sickly one; the settlement a grave. His child died that night; and Mark,
keeping the secret from Martin, helped to bury it, beneath a tree, next
day. Bailey Button Triplet Black


With all his various duties of attendance upon Martin (who became
the more exacting in his claims, the worse he grew), Mark worked out of
doors, early and late; and with the assistance of his friend and others, laboured
to do something with their land. Not that he had the least
strength of heart or hope, or steady purpose in so doing, beyond the habitual
cheerfulness of his disposition, and his amazing power of
self–sustainment; for within himself, he looked on their condition as beyond
all hope, and, in his own words, ‘came out strong’ in consequence.
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